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Apply styles

Apply pre-formatted styles to your shapes

  1. Select the shapes that you wish to format
  2. Click ‘Styles’ and select a style to apply it to the selected shapes.

Create your own pre-formatted styles

  1. Select a shape with a style to save
  2. Click ‘Styles’ and ‘Save selected shape as style’

Additional information regarding styles

A style contains these formatting properties:

  • Fill
  • Outline
  • Font color

These formatting properties of the original shape will be kept as they were before the style was applied:

  • Text font size
  • Text font type
  • Text alignment (left, right, center)
  • Bullets
  • Emphasis (bold, underline, italics)
  • Adjustments (i.e. the little yellow drag handle if the shape has such one)
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