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Unlock your organization’s full potential and optimize value creation

Management consulting firms operate in a highly competitive space with extremely talented professionals, who work long hours to deliver exceptional client impact. Ampler enables efficient workstreams that produce outstanding results and a thriving organization.

Adapt Office to perfectly suit your organization’s needs

  • Get a toolbar that sports your organization’s brand and colors, homogenized across all Office programs, to ensure that your brand is first and foremost in everything you do
  • Equip your toolbar with exactly the tools your organization requires to support your way of working
  • Take full control of your solution without any sudden changes to your toolbar layout and composition
  • Evolve your solution to suit your needs; if you require any additional tools, we will build them for you, completely free of charge

Harness the full potential of your organization

  • Increase the efficiency of your organization; on average, Ampler saves all users 45 minutes every week, all year, while consultants in a crunch save 3 hours per week!
  • Ensure a zero-defect professional standard by eliminating mistakes and increasing the quality of your products
  • Collaborate perfectly across your organization with easy sharing, co-creation, and seamless knowledge exchange

Enable your consultants to excellence through ongoing training and guidance

  • Provide your organization with the best possible solution, tailored to you with advice from our skilled staff of former management consultants
  • Reap the full benefits of your solution through in-app contextual tutorials and situational suggestions, constantly improving the users’ skills and making lives easier
  • Educate your consultants with complimentary training materials to increase overall Office proficiency and efficiency

Utilize analytics to optimize efficiency and improve working conditions

  • Employ data driven insights of your organization’s needs to continuously improve the composition of your solution
  • Continually observe and increase the value of your solution by monitoring, e.g., time saved and favorite functions
  • Use data such as which programs are used and how much, to focus training initiatives and optimize the efficiency of your organization

Adopt a state-of-the-art solution with continuous improvement

  • Choose an all-encompassing and outstanding solution: Ampler has all the best tools, developed in close collaboration with leading management consulting companies
  • Be at the cutting edge of development through constant access to the newest tools, directly available to augment your solution according to your preferences
  • Enjoy a solution with continuous innovation, ensured by direct feedback from a huge user base, placing your organization at the forefront of excellence!

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