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Seamlessly incorporate your IT infrastructure into Office to leverage its full potential and simplify workstreams

The IT organization provides the platform from which the entire organization works and ensures the smoothest possible working environment for everyone. Ampler facilitates effortless system integration and nimble IT infrastructure utilization.

Leverage your own IT infrastructure

  • Work on your existing content sharing solution, e.g., SharePoint, OneDrive, and Google Drive
  • Make content sharing available directly in Office, online or offline, and eliminate the need for users to leave their working environment
  • Make database infrastructure available in your Office programs and enable, e.g., automatic creation of documents such as CVs, easy exploration of case references and knowledge bases, and direct communication with CRM from Outlook

Adopt a future proof solution for Office 365

  • Ensure 100 % uptime with an evergreen solution that is always up to date
  • Seamlessly evolve your IT infrastructure without adaptation issues and ease transitions such as SharePoint migration
  • Adopt a platform that supports your current and future IT agenda and avoid problems with, e.g., multifactor authentication, and cloud infrastructure

Ensure perfect IT security and stability

  • Ampler operates within your existing IT security, e.g., with Single sign-on and VPN, maintaining your current protection level
  • Content access works within established file access rights to ensure that you are in full control
  • Consolidate your Office-extensions into one integrated solution to minimize security risks and eliminate cross-interference errors

Easily roll-out and administrate your solution

  • Silent MSI installer roll-out gives you and your users a smooth experience
  • Comfortably administrate complete solution centrally and enjoy self-service directly in program
  • To ensure hassle-free management, no user interaction is required, ever!

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