Ampler - Next generation tools for Microsoft Office

Next generation tools
for Microsoft Office

Ampler is a brand-new way to adapt Office to you, enabling you to effortlessly achieve professional excellence

Revolutionize your way of working
Ampler is the only Office solution you need. Tailored to you, we enable you to create value with revolutionizing efficiency and ease. Build presentations, workbooks, and documents of excellent quality with collaboration across your entire organization, it has never been simpler. Eliminate tediousness and focus on what really matters: Ampler is a whole new way of working!
Your organization
Optimize value creation with an exceptional Office solution sculpted from your organization’s standards and work practices
Your tools
Achieve perfection with ease and eliminate Office annoyances to take leadership of your work and free up time to spend on what matters most
Your content
Bring creativity first and share your graphics and content where it is needed, ensuring perfect visual identity and easy maintenance
Your IT
Adopt a future proof Office solution that builds on your own IT infrastructure and enjoy seamless integration and central management

Everything you need in one toolbar

Build perfect presentations at a fraction of the time and effort
Easily construct zero-defect workbooks and models
Create professional documents effortlessly
Outstanding collaboration is coming to you soon...

These companies are already unlocking their potential with Ampler

Copenhagen Economics
Implement Consulting Group
Novo holdings

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