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Spend less time encouraging the use of your content and more time being creative

Content managers are the creative engines at the heart of an organization, always bringing about unwavering professionalism and enhancing communication. We are here to ensure that your content reaches your intended audience and gets the attention it deserves!

Unleash the creative power of your central brand team

  • Take full advantage of all the content types you can imagine such as templates, building blocks, and layouts – you are in control of the visual identity!
  • Create layouts for charts, agendas, sheets and shapes, discarding the need for users to format their graphics to comply with standards
  • Provide your users with flexibility in graphical communication of key insights, e.g., through dynamic infographics

Make your content available where it is needed

  • Collect all your content in your company library and unlock a fast and intelligent search algorithm to ensure maximum use
  • Integrate your content into PowerPoint, Excel, and Word to make it instantly available when needed
  • Create toolbar buttons for key content such as infographics and agenda layouts to simplify use
  • Enjoy full offline content availability to make life easier for your target audience

Drop the struggle of content sharing and maintenance

  • Easily distribute your own and your clients’ templates and contents by uploading them directly to your organization’s content library without involving IT
  • Seamlessly maintain your content through direct editing in your library
  • Let your users benefit fully from your work by providing them with content that is instantly available for everyone and always up to date

Collaborate to continuously improve content and knowledge base

  • Leverage the competences of your users through in-app submission of content requests and ideas
  • Give your users influence by letting them add content directly to your organization’s content library
  • Set up automatic submission of user added content for revision by the central brand team to ensure consistency and perfect compliance
Ampler is a great productivity tool that saves me and my team hours every week. It allows us to consistently produce top notch presentations that are visually aligned and share materials and best practices in a simple and intuitive manner.
Ásgeir Gíslason
Manager, Marel

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