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Ampler for Excel

Excel modelling is often complicated and even small errors can have huge consequences. Ampler brings your data to life through easy modelling, perfect overview, and rigorous error checking.

170+ tools for Excel
Including library, automatic quality & auditing checks, and lots of formatting tools
Scan & Fix

Automatically scan for the most common modelling errors to ensure reliable and precise results
Transparent formulas
Use Inspect Formulas and Visualize to follow the inner workings of your formulas and see dependencies

Save your chart and table layouts and apply them with a click to create beautiful workbooks
New Workbook

Modelling at a click

Instantly generate ready-to-use models and workbooks

Data analysis and modelling are fundamental to generating valuable insights but are often painstakingly slow. ‘New’ lets you begin your analysis with a pre-built model, e.g., for discounted cash flow (DCF) and product line profitability (PLP), and gives direct access to your company’s model templates, while letting you easily manage and distribute them.


Exceptional overview

An automatically updated, interactive index page for any workbook

Understanding someone else’s model can be convoluted. Help your colleagues, clients, or future self with a model overview, where workbook structure, standards, and sheets are described. ‘Index’ lets you create an automated overview page for your model with forward and backwards links to model sheets.

Time savers

Immaculate formatting

Time saving functions and shortcuts for every aspect of modelling

A well formatted workbook reduces the risk for errors and makes it easier to grasp the essence of your analysis but setting it up can take a lot of time. With ‘Cycles’ and custom shortcuts, using your company standards couldn’t be faster – easily cycle through headers, cells, numbering formats, line styles, row shading, and more.

Inspect Formulas

Comprehensive understanding

Discover the inner workings of any model

With complex modelling, understanding the structure and interconnection of a model can be difficult and time consuming. ‘Inspect formulas’ breaks down the workbook and formulas into atoms, and lets you journey through the model while explaining every step on the way. Unlimited navigation through dependencies or formula expressions.


Complete transparency

A greatly simplified framework for auditing workbooks

Checking formulas for errors usually entails endless clicking through cells to discover inconsistencies. ‘Visualize’ provides a visual overlay for your workbook, displaying regular formulas and formulas with irregularities such as hardcoded numbers, ensuring error-free workbooks while reducing time and redundant efforts.

Scan & Fix

Flawless output

An automatic scan to find common modelling errors and ensure accurate results

An error-free model output is of fundamental importance for providing accurate client recommendations. ‘Scan & Fix’ checks for the 30 most common modelling errors, including concealed problems such as pivot tables not reflecting the full table of data, and, when applicable, provides an automatic fix.

And much more...

  • Set shortcuts for any built-in or custom feature
  • Email selected cells, sheets, or entire workbook
  • Set up and manage print areas
  • Apply pre-formatted sheet layouts
  • Protect cells or sheets from editing
  • Cycle cell and header styles
  • Apply auto-color to selected cells
  • Draw borders with ease
  • Add alternating row shading
  • Pick up and paste cell styles
  • Apply pre-defined number formats with a single click
  • Cycle row width and column height
  • Auto-fit column width to a selection
  • Reverse order of columns or rows
  • Transpose columns and rows including their formulas
  • Swap selected cells
  • Convert formulas to direct cell references
  • Enjoy intelligent fast fill functions
  • Wrap formulas in IFERROR
  • Insert CAGR formulas
  • Go to minimum or maximum in data
  • Show, hide, or delete all comments in workbook
  • Paste formulas with exact references
  • Use custom formulas for financial modelling and data management
  • Insert your data on maps and create beautiful visualizations
  • Clean your entire workbook for metadata, formatting, and formulas
  • Add sensitivity tables to test your model output
Ampler really boosts productivity and allows me to focus on value adding rather than fixing details or checking for errors. And the breadth of functions - all the tools I never knew I needed.
Martin Olofsson
Senior Advisor, Maolokon

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