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Ampler is developed by management consultants and stems from a desire to free up time and create more fulfilling workdays for consultants and other heavy Office users. We believe that just a few extra hours to spend on social activities or learning will ultimately create better results, more competitive companies, and happier persons. Our solutions have been co-developed, tested and refined in close collaboration with leading consultancy firms, and builds on a comprehensive understanding of the needs of management consultants. In short, Ampler has been developed by professionals for professionals.

The quest for ample space

We know the constant pursuit of higher quality end products well and we know the pressure this can exert. Our quest is to enable consultants to achieve professional excellence without sacrifice. We seek to create more space and happiness by eliminating tedious, time wasting tasks, ensuring that time spent is spent on what matters most. Discarding the need for endless hours of formatting, fixing of details, and double and triple checking your deck for consistency errors, bullet formats, or footnotes, we assiduously seek to cut out any superfluous tasks.

It is our never-ending quest to create ample space for the important things in life.

Our promise

At Ampler we strive to help consultants and heavy Office users get the most out of their time and build perfect documents, perfect presentations, and perfect models faster. We do this through dedicated features in PowerPoint, Excel and Word designed to make creation of high-quality end products more efficient and more collaborative than ever before. We will always aim to improve to ensure that we can continuously provide our users with the smoothest possible Office experience, enabling them to keep focus on their core competences and values.

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