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Insert figures in Word

Insert figure placeholders from the library

  1. Click ‘Figure’ and select the placeholder to insert


Add your own placeholders to the ‘Insert Figure’ button

  1. Select a figure placeholder to save
  2. Navigate to the placeholder folder and click ‘Add content
  3. Press F2 or right click to rename the figure
  4. The new placeholder is now available from the ‘Figure’ menu


Advanced: Create your own ‘Insert from library’ button

  1. Click Settings>Ribbon
  2. Click ‘Edit ribbon layout’.NB: You may need to create and save a new ribbon layout first
  3. Drag one of the ‘Insert from library’ functions to the desired place in the toolbar
  4. Right click or press F2 to rename the button
  5. Click ‘Browse’ to select the library folder with the placeholders for the buttonNB: You can create a new empty folder with the + sign
  6. Save the toolbar, activate it (green tick-mark), and click OKNB: Word will temporarily freeze while the new toolbar is loading
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