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Ampler is for management consultants who…

Our roots are in management consulting…

Ampler was founded in 2015 by Kristian and Sune, two expert management consultants from Bain & Company, with diverse backgrounds in operations analysis, engineering, business, and even architecture.


They found themselves spending endless hours in PowerPoint every day, and a lot of this time was used for tedious tasks such as formatting slides, aligning shapes, and digging through old presentations for content.


With the long hours and terrible work-life balance of management consultants, they started looking for solutions to reduce the time spent on these ‘stupid-simple’ tasks to free up time for actually cracking the case and delivering awesome recommendations to their clients – and going home early to their girlfriends every once in a while. But no solutions covered their needs; some software could help set up shortcuts, some could help format a chart, and some advertised automation of error-finding, but no coherent solution was to be found, and even in unity, the available solutions lacked several functions Sune and Kristian needed.


Sune and Kristian got fed up and decided to take matters into their own hands. At this point they were luckily introduced to a top-of-the-class young programmer, Søren, who was capable of bringing all their ideas to life – and is now the lead programmer of Ampler.


The resulting solution worked better than they could ever have imagined, with data from their first customers showing astounding results. Word started to spread, and users wanted to take the solution with them to new jobs, share it with their colleagues, and started requesting new features. Wanting to help everyone in the best way possible, the founders took all these feature request and implemented them into Ampler, making the solution even more rigid, customizable, and timesaving.


Now, Sune and Kristian’s new mission is to get Ampler into as many hands as possible, to enable fellow consultants to also reap the benefits and free up their precious time.



10 steps to work smarter in PowerPoint










…start using these 10 steps and you can save at least 25 % of the time you spend producing slides in PowerPoint!

You can fulfill these 10 steps by…

Using a collection of third-party software, however…

  • It is expensive to pay for several different solutions
  • You will not cover all the functions you need
  • The software may interact poorly and slow down PowerPoint
  • You need to keep up with updates and dialogues from several different companies


Building your own VBA macros, however you…

  • Need to do an extensive and complicated amount of programming
  • Will either only have few or simple tools, or have to hire an extensive team of programmers for years
  • Have to invent all the functions yourself
  • Need to maintain your solution also from regular Office updates


Or you can use…

…which lets you implement all the features, customized exactly to you, in a very short time, at less than half the price, with close to zero effort.

When you get Ampler for PowerPoint, this is what will happen

This is how Ampler helps you

Customize your toolbar


Use shortcuts


Reuse building blocks and templates


Automate error and consistency checks


Automatically format, align, arrange and adjust


Eliminate PowerPoint annoyances


Automate agenda and structure of deck


Easily create insightful charts


Share templates with colleagues


Get better faster!

This is what you get:

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