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How to build an engaging slide

Sune Høj Kjeldsen is co-founder at Ampler and has many years of experience in management consulting. He knows first-hand how important engaging slides are for communicating your insights efficiently. These are his best slide-building tips:

One insight per slide

Simplicity makes it easier to understand your point. You should communicate only one message on each slide. Start with the tagline. It should be actionable, engaging, concise, and should tell your audience the whole story of the slide, e.g., ‘Move customer interactions to digital platforms’.

Use as few words as possible

Force yourself to use a large font size and never use more words than can fit the slide with this font size. This frees your slide of clutter and superfluous words and makes it easy to read and understand. Use bolding to emphasise keywords that communicate the entire story.

Illustrate your point with graphics

Graphics are intuitive to understand and support your insights. They do not always need to be data based, but could also be icons, images or drawings, that will help conceptually convey your message. What matters most, is that they are simple to understand, and that they tell the same story as the rest of the slide.

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