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Custom toolbar in Word

Create a new custom toolbar

  1. Click on ‘Toolbar’ in ‘Settings’ dropdown menu
  2. Select a starting point toolbar, and click ‘Copy selected’ from the ‘New’ dropdown menu
  3. Select a folder and type in name of the toolbar. Click ‘Save
  4. Activate the toolbar by clicking on the green tick mark


Change toolbar name, position, and color

  1. Click and type the toolbar name
  2. Set toolbar position, before home is recommended
  3. Set the color of the buttons of the toolbar, e.g. to the company brand color


Add and move functional groups in toolbar

  1. Create a new group in the toolbar, by right-clicking in between groups, and select ‘New group
  2. Change the name of the group by clicking in the group name field
  3. Move groups by dragging with left click


Add new buttons to your toolbar

  1. To add buttons to the toolbar, select the position in the toolbar after which you wish to add the button
  2. Double click on the button in the function list overview to add it to the toolbar. Double clicking again, will remove the button
  3. Move buttons by dragging with left click
  4. Show, hide, and edit labels for buttons using right click menu


Add separators and align buttons to your toolbar

  1. Add separators within the toolbar by clicking ‘Add separator’ from right click menu
  2. Hold CTRL and left click to select multiple buttons. Click ‘Group buttons’ from right click menu to create a horizontal or vertical group of buttons


NB: Placing buttons in groups makes it easier to control position and alignment of buttons in the toolbar

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