Join the Ampler team!

At Ampler, we are helping consultants, investment managers, lawyers, account directors and all other heavy Microsoft Office users get the most out of their time and build perfect documents, perfect presentations, and perfect models faster and better.

We do this with small tweaks and huge alterations to PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Outlook, in order to give our users the smoothest possible Office experience.

Ampler is developed by management consultants and stems from a desire to free up time and create more fulfilling workdays.

We create more space and happiness for our users by eliminating tedious, time wasting tasks, ensuring that their time is spent on what matters most – and we strongly believe that time spent on meaningful activities will ultimately create better results, more competitive companies, and happier persons.

Ampler is battle tested and has been in commercial use for approximately four years. Every day, thousand of consultants and employees use Ampler – we know from our studies that consultants in a crunch save more than three hours weekly.

Are you ready to join Ampler?

This is a unique opportunity to join a fully funded scaleup, early enough in the journey for you to make your mark.

Working side-by-side with ex Tier 1 Management Consultants, Senior Sales Executives, Seasoned Strategists and world class Developers, you will be instrumental in building Ampler’s commercial functions. Your focus areas will be sales and sales development, but you will also touch upon, e.g., marketing and customer success, .

We strongly believe in hiring for attitude and training for skill, and therefore you are more important than your experience. We are excited about people who are:

  • Outspoken and not afraid to go against the crowd.
  • Team players above all, but also self-motivating individuals who are able and willing to work independently.
  • Curious by nature and tireless in experimenting and exploring all options in creating impact, but still pragmatic about ‘getting the job done’.
  • Proactive, structured in executing their work, and extremely driven about creating results.
  • In love with sales and customers, and excited and energetic about actively engaging with colleagues, clients, strangers and dogs.

We are looking for a candidate who likes to meet ambitious challenges with pragmatic solutions with real commercial applications that result in impact from day one! If you can relate to this, we would love to meet you.

Your main responsibilities

  • You will play a key role in building our sales pipeline. From qualifying prospects generated by, e.g., market intelligence or marketing campaigns, to finding your own prospect, and developing your opportunities. In meeting each new customer, you will be Ampler’s first opportunity for making an awesome impression and starting a memorable customer experience.
  • You will own and manage the end-to-end sales process, you will hunt for, and create demand for, new business. With a consultative and empathetic approach, you will develop relationships with potential clients, and with a deep understanding of their problems you will ensure that Ampler stays relevant for existing customers.
  • Constructing, forecasting and managing your pipeline via our CRM system, you will drive it forward in a structured and disciplined manner, and work actively with our Traffic Manager to ensure close alignment between marketing activities and sales efforts.
  • You will in a meticulously structured manner take feedback from customers and funnel it back to Product Development and Design, and you must demonstrate efficiency in early disqualification of bad-fit leads and be tireless in understanding deal blockers.

Success in this role is measured by both hitting and exceeding your targets but also by actively contributing to building Ampler’s commercial functions.

Ideal qualifications and experience

It is excellent if you can tick off all or some of the below:

  • Extensive professional experience, where you’ve continuously developed your skills and increased your responsibility. Great if you have sales experience, but not a requirement.
  • Demonstrated leadership, personal and professional, directly and indirectly.
  • Experience and battle scars earned ‘in the trenches’ of a subscription-based business, e.g., SaaS, telecom, media, insurance or the like.
  • Experience in cold call sales, retail and/or hospitality is considered a valuable asset.
  • Strong command of English, both verbal and written, and speaking at least one Nordic language is a plus, but not a requirement.

We will offer you a dynamic and exciting work environment with great opportunities for professional development and personal growth – and we have a lot of fun!

The right candidate is more important than the right experience, the perfect circumstances or anything else. We care about finding YOU, and we are flexible on full time, part time, student job, etc.

Contact and application

If you have any questions regarding the roles and the process, please contact Please apply by sending your CV and personal letter as soon as possible.

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